On Thursday, December 29, 2022, each zodiac sign's daily horoscope

Today, the Moon is in your sign and in a critical phase, which may make you feel agitated or edgy, but a workout or a chat with a friend will help.


Taurus, it's time to fix things. You knew it was time to end a promising but misguided relationship.


Until they're not, friends are friends. You weren't doubtful that this person would be there for you, but you knew things were changing.


Even though you're still on vacation, there's a lot of important work to do. Grab your preferred coffee and keep going.


Especially before a big change, a belief crisis is normal. You're redefining your life and self.


You get what you want, but it may cost you. The moon is at a critical point in your resources, and the money you need may be delayed in the mail. 


Letting go may help you find what you're looking for when love isn't enough and the truth is hard to accept.


You must overcome the temptation to wait. Be strategic and don't miss deadlines. Before sending a crucial document, check for mistakes.


You can tell if there's a spark. This relationship is more platonic than you expected. Love them for who they are and what you have.


You can't influence others' thoughts. Even though the world is changing and challenging authority is more acceptable


Today, you receive the peacemaker award. Your humor avoids conflict even though everyone around you seems to be pushing buttons.


It's possible. You may need to be creative in some financial situations. Things will work out better than you expect, so don't worry.


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