Orange Peels: 6 Benefits for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Orange peel citric acid naturally brightens skin. Peels lighten pigmentation, scars, and dark spots for brighter, even skin.

Vitamin C in orange peels deep cleans, unclogs pores, and eliminates grease. Orange peels reduce acne, blackheads, and outbreaks.

Orange peels reduce irritation and moisturise dry, dull skin due to their antioxidant content. Locking moisture removes flaky and irritated skin.

Orange peels inhibit oxidative stress and free radicals. Orange peel ingredients fight wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines.

Orange peels reduce skin inflammation caused by pollution, bacteria, and infections.

Orange peel scrubs remove tan well. It rejuvenates dead skin. Orange peels lighten skin by inhibiting melanin production.

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