Organza to Ombre: 2022 Saree Trends

Sarees are the most classic, chic, and traditional yet modern fashion trend. Let's look at the year's five most stylish saree trends.

The organza saree, made of silk, is lightweight and sheer. Celebrities have worn organza sarees for parties and traditional drapes, making them versatile.

1. Organza Saree

Pastel silk sarees have intricate designs and pastel colours. They drape and carry gracefully.

2. Pastel Silk Saree

Pleated sarees are fashion-forward and patterned. To look unique and trendy, the saree is wrinkled.

3. Pleated Saree

Ombre sarees have beautiful and unique colours due to their wrap and woven fabric threads. French ombre means shaded.

4. Ombre Saree

Mesh, silk, georgette, or crepe sequin sarees are decorated. Sequin sarees are perfect for weddings, family gatherings, parties, and events.

5. Sequins Saree

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