Owner Saves Dog Who "Froze" in -35 Degree Wind

A shocking TikTok video of a dog who "froze" in the extreme cold that hit the Midwest over Christmas has garnered over 1.8 million views and sparked debate.

A security camera shows a small dog stuck on snowy stairs until a boy rescues him.

Meganloo84 explained: "He froze after 45 seconds outside to go potty and couldn't walk up the stairs. My son saved him "a minus 35 windchill.

Commenting, "Stupid? The OP replied, "No one 'lived' the dog outside. Dog needed to pee. He doesn't use my bathroom."

Extreme weather in the Midwest disrupted Christmas flights home, with nearly 5,000 delayed and over 3,000 cancelled.

The severe storm has killed over 50 people and dumped several inches to over a foot of snow.

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