Parrot Throws Toddler-Style Tantrum After Realizing He's Out of Snacks

Everyone knows the pain of running out of their favourite snack. Any toddler with an empty Goldfish cracker bag will tell you.

Like people, pets sense the disappointment of running out of snacks. Ask this hungry parrot who gets furious after snack time.

LOL! Complete meltdown! TikTok users love this enraged bird, which has over 2.8 million views. 

Black2morrow tweets, "Parrot chose violence upon waking." "Someone did not graduate rage management," says @Lori.

 @Kal, another parrot owner, writes, "I tell people that having a parrot is like having a three-year-old for 90 years. They don't trust me."

Angus receives additional treats in a follow-up video, which will cheer you up if you feel sorry for him. That video doesn't show outbursts!

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