Patient Cat Who Lets Human Sister Treat Her Like a Doll Is a True MVP

When human siblings are old enough to play together, it is such a special moment, and it allows parents a much-needed reprieve from having to play pretend or construct yet another block castle for the a hundredth time.

What happens, though, if your kid is an only child or if their siblings aren't yet old enough to play?

This cat seemed to have no problem with sitting in the toy carriage."

This is so funny! I have three cats, and none of them would permit my kids to do this.

Totally made my day!" Molly adds a hilarious future prediction, "I guarantee she will still do this in her 30's.. because I'm near to 40 and I still do stuff like this to my fur baby."

Due to posts, it might be a black and white cat thing "Cats in black and white are the finest! When I was younger, I used to push mine around in a stroller for baby dolls."

This bond is very endearing. The best thing, though? When one sibling refuses to share their toys, there should be no fighting between them!

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