Pizza Reheating Hack Could Change the Game

7:00, you're hungry. But cooking isn't your thing. Do what? Pizzas are tasty. However, reviving the pizza the following day may be difficult.

@flavorgod of TikTok shared a pizza-reheating hack. This alternative is worth considering. No way!

We love the pizza-reheating technique. It prevents slice scorching or drying. We've all reheated the last slice and forgotten, making it crispy.

This hack prevents it. Instead of pouring water, use an ice cube to avoid sogginess.

See how TikTok viewers responded to this hack. “Air fryer,” said @tiktoktia13. “Air Fryer goated,” said @CardboardTier.

“Air Fryer is the only way to reheat pizza or fries,” tweeted @Cyrus Lemo dxb. @Christo Harris asked, “Who reheats pizza seriously?”

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