Potassium and phosphorus in sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and phosphorus. 100g of sweet potato has 855mg of potassium and 50mg of phosphorus.

 It contains phosphorus but is a better potassium source.15.4 mg phosphorus and 148.4 mg potassium are in 100 grammes of cooked sweet potato.

The composition of these minerals depends on the food's origin, soil, and analysis methods.

If you have kidney illness, avoid sweet potatoes because they provide 230 mg of potassium and 32 mg of phosphorus per 100 grammes.

Sweet potatoes have 340mg potassium and 45-50mg phosphorus per 100g. It contains both nutrients but is a greater potassium source.

Sweet potatoes contain 54g phosphorus and 475mg potassium per 100g. These amounts are reasonable, however sweet potatoes are not good sources of these minerals.

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