Romantic days for January 2023:

Venus, the planet of love, enters the air sign of Aquarius at the beginning of the year, bringing with it a brand-new passionate vigour. The renegade of the zodiac, Aquarius prefers to create their own rules for both love and life.

January 2nd, MONDAY

You'll be moving in the direction of your relationship's true north thanks to this energy. It might be away from something you can no longer trick yourself into believing in or toward what feels like true love at first sight.

Air signs enjoy talking, so this month's focus on communication is ideal for creating plans and deciding where you want to take your partnership both this month and in the coming year.

Today's Cancer Full Moon is in opposition to the Capricorn Sun. This explores themes related to the harmony between work and life, which is frequently a key component of love partnerships.

6th of January, Friday

You are encouraged to put your attention on your family, your serious connection, and your home by the Cancer Moon. The Capricorn Sun also serves as a reminder of your duties and commitments to the outer world.

Around this lunation, you'll have the impression that something crucial was missed, which will motivate you to pay closer attention to the things that genuinely matter to you and enhance your life.

This event will be greatly influenced by Uranus and the North Node, which rule unexpected shifts and fate, suggesting a significant realisation is on the horizon.

Mars, the planet of action, swings direct into Gemini after several arduous, frustrating months.

Thursday, January 12

Mars initially stepped into this air sign at the end of August, and since then, he has been allowing you space to consider the reasons behind your decisions—particularly those that pertain to your love life.

At the end of October, it turned directly, making further movement feel impossible. It was the sensation of being trapped in a challenging circumstance since you knew what you wanted but were yet unsure of how to begin achieving it.

Normally, it might be difficult to make changes in your relationships around the holidays, especially if a separation is imminent; nevertheless, this year, it proved to be impossible.

Mars is direct right now, thus more possibilities are available. Life will appear to be back to normal. The only thing to keep in mind is that Mars will now travel through the same degrees of Gemini that it did at the end of last year, but this time, you have understood what you were meant to do and can now move on.

Today in Capricorn, Mercury makes its first direct turn of the year. Mercury retrograde is a good opportunity to reflect on the past and make decisions that are more in line with your needs.

Wednesday, January 18th

You evaluate the stability of your plans and the potential of your partnership in Capricorn. You have had time to reflect and make adjustments when Mercury turns direct, so it is now time to put your plans into action.

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