Sad Cat Can't Fit in "Igloo" with Friends—Pitiful!

This week's saddest video! One of @Animaldoctorleigh's kitties is sad because she bought them a new igloo for napping.

See if she should purchase these cats a bigger house now! The poor kitty is amusing!

I vow to Bob if you don't get a bigger igloo I will come to your house and make one out of my frozen tears immediately

LOL! "How's the polar bear the only one not in the igloo?" asks @FrankJG123. 

I'd get another cat and an igloo to fix it!" @Maddyespinoza, "I'm white cat's lawyer. Provide another igloo ASAP."

LOL! We'll keep watching to see whether a bigger igloo is bought or if the white cat eventually fits!

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