Shortest-living dog breeds

Whether you love spending time outside or lounging around the house, these positive, active canines make excellent friends. They also have beautiful appearances, with silky coats, gracefully formed heads, and dark eyes.

English cocker spaniel (11.8 years)

By virtue of their silky, brick-red coats, Irish setters are easily identified. They make great friends because of their endearing personalities, kind temperaments, and intelligence.

Irish setter (11.8 years)

Despite having thick coats of fur, Old English Sheepdogs have gentle, kind nature. Despite their size, these dogs are lively, agile, and playful.

Old English sheepdog (11.8 years)

Despite the fact that this Czech-bred terrier is small, it has an average lifespan of 11.5 years. Cesky terriers are powerful, athletic worker dogs that are naturally suspicious of outsiders and protective of their families.

Cesky terrier (11.5 years)

The silver-gray coat and extraordinarily amiable temperament of the Norwegian elkhound distinguish it from other breeds. These dogs, one of the oldest breeds in Europe, are said to have sailed with the Vikings, according to legend.

Norwegian elkhound (11.5 years)

Big hazel eyes and wavy, golden coats are appealing features of Sussex spaniels. Additionally, they are gentle, lovable dogs with strong, durable bodies.

Sussex spaniel (11.5 years)

The Welshie stands out from the others thanks to its brilliant white coat with golden-liver patterns. Both families and sports fans would benefit greatly from choosing one of these amiable, joyful sporting dogs.

Welsh springer spaniel (11.5 years)

The Gordon, the largest of the setters, is an athletic, self-assured bird dog that enjoys spending peaceful evenings unwinding with his human partners as well as long days in the field. The dog has a dazzling appearance thanks to its glossy black coat and tan markings.

Gordon setter (11.3 years)

The Airedale terrier is immediately identified by its teddy bear-like head and dense, wiry coat. Although they can be determined and difficult at times, these very clever terriers are also quite affectionate and gentle with children.

Airedale terrier (11.2 years)

You'll immediately recognise the English setter's "belton" markings, which are the speckled patterns of lemon, liver, and orange on their coats. Despite having a flashy appearance, these dogs are playful, athletic pets.

English setter (11.2 years)

Akitas were previously the exclusive property of the Japanese imperial family and their court since they were bred to be the best hunting dogs.

Akita (11 years)

These elegant, noble dogs are quiet and reserved around strangers but silly and friendly around those they know. They have a thick double coat and a curled-over tail.

American water spaniels were designed to function in freezing and marshy waters and are native to the lake area of the Upper Midwest.

American water spaniel (11 years)

They have a small body that enables them to jump into and out of a boat without tipping it over, a thick, waterproof coat, and webbed feet.

The Basenji is well known as "Africa's barkless dog," yet they do have an unique vocalisation that resembles yodelling when they express their emotions.

Basenji (11 years)

Although they are uncommon, these very clever, meticulous canines have a cult following among their owners.

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