Sagittarians are more inclined to cheat because they need excitement and adventure in both their personal lives and their romantic relationships.


It's really challenging to persuade them to commit because they are constantly seeking out new experiences and moving around.

When they do make a commitment to someone, they are inclined to take it seriously. In spite of the fact that they often appreciate their relationships, they have a propensity to flirt and cheat since they find it exciting.

They can be devoted and obedient companions as long as you don't restrict their freedom excessively and you share their sense of adventure.

For an Aquarian to stay in a relationship, they need to be challenged. Aquarians are cold, distant, unreliable, and unpredictable people.


When they're bored in a relationship, they tend to be open-minded and push headlong without considering the ramifications of their behaviour.

If you want to hold your Aquarius partner's interest over the long run, be enigmatic and surprising. People born under this sign grow bored easily, thus it's not a good idea to be an open book to them.

Aquarius' strongest quality is honesty, therefore even if they do cheat on you, they will usually be honest about it.

Restless Geminis tend to be impulsive, inquisitive, flirtatious, and often get bored with a spouse.


You may keep them interested in you by being funny and surprising since they need regular intellectual stimulation and excitement to continue in the relationship.

Geminis are natural cheaters since they are also changeable, reluctant, and unable to commit to a course of action.

Even if you catch them cheating, Geminis will always deny it and almost certainly even put the blame on you. Although they may have offended you, they find it difficult to say sorry.

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