Signs Someone Isn't Worth Your Time

Being busy is only a partial justification. Anyone can find 30 seconds in their day to reply to your text. Nobody should have to wait for an answer for three to five business days.

They do not make an effort.

That is merely the very minimum. You shouldn't go above and above for them if they find it difficult to make time to visit you or deal with the difficulties you've raised.

If nothing changes, it doesn't matter how many times someone apologises. When they can't follow through, no amount of "I'm so sorry" or "I'll do better" will make things better.

Their actions don’t line up with their words.

Do not be duped by their grovelling. They are going to tell you what you want to hear and won't commit to it. Someone doesn't genuinely want you if they aren't expressing their desire for you in both ways.

Nobody wants to deal with the uncertainty caused by the lack of a defined relationship. It's time to reconsider if you know what you want and they are unable to provide it for you.

They are unable to make a promise to you.

Keeping things vague can just make your headache worse. To keep them around, you shouldn't have to accept less than you deserve.

They probably aren't right for you if you find yourself continually checking your phone for a text or wondering if they actually like you that much. Sure, a little trepidation when you have affections for someone is normal,

They stress you out.

However, it shouldn't dominate your thoughts or fill you with regret. Nobody should have so much authority over you.

Something is wrong when the venting develops into a rant. You shouldn't be able to think negatively for hours on end. The relationship is unhealthy for both of you if you find that you've stopped praising them and have started bemoaning every small defect they have.

You become aware of your whining.

There are moments when you are better known by your friends than by yourself. If someone has begun to criticise you, you should probably pay attention.

Your friends tell you so.

They are merely attempting to help because they have seen how this relationship has destroyed you. It's simple to convince yourself that they simply don't understand, but trust me—they do.

It's time to stand aside if you see several of these symptoms in any of your relationships. An individual is not a bad person because of these issues. They frequently aren't the right individual for you.

It's acceptable that things don't always go as planned. Enjoy some alone time while keeping in mind that better things are still to come.

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