The moon will pass through your 10th house of career and public image on December 25, which will draw recognition to and interest in your public persona. All eyes will be on you on this day, whether you're throwing a holiday party or spreading seasonal love on social media.


You'll be well-known in a big way.

However, as someone who is more concerned with raising awareness about your humanitarian endeavours, this is the ideal time to focus the attention you are getting on matters that are important.

You'll undoubtedly want to use your platform for good, whether you decide to help individuals in need or highlight a charity on your Instagram stories.

You have more on your plate than usual because it's your season, Capricorn. Dec. 25 is a good day to establish personal goals and decide where to concentrate your efforts because the sun will still be in your first house of identification.


Your Individual Objectives Will Be Our Top Priority

While Christmas is the ideal time for you to organise your priorities, be careful not to sacrifice spending time with friends and family in favour of productivity.

Before returning to your scheduled and busy schedule, you can still have a quiet vacation with your loved ones.

The moon will be in your sign on Christmas Day, accentuating your need for solitude. You tend to be fairly picky when it comes to socialising because you like your own company, so this year, you might find that you eventually prefer to spend the holiday by yourself.


Self-care Is All You Want For Christmas

You'll be urged to prioritise your needs over what others may be demanding of you when the moon moves through your first house.

While some may find your vision of the ideal holiday to be unconventional, what important is that you are happy, even if that means leaving the Christmas party early to pursue your own interests. Even during the holidays, Aquarius, it's acceptable to give priority to your requirements.

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