Signs You're An Extremely Toxic Person

You might be toxic if you frequently leave someone in worse shape than when you found them. If you repeatedly put others through terrible feelings, you are the common denominator.

You hurt people's feelings.

Nobody wants to be with someone they detest. When you invite relatives and friends somewhere, if they always have an excuse, you might be the issue.

People try to stay away from you.

You are probably toxic if you think you are the most intelligent person in every room you visit. Toxic people constantly carry a superiority complex and a need to be better than everyone else with them.

You have a sense of superiority.

You realise that others are pawns, ready to serve your interests. You reject hearing any opposing views because you are convinced that you know what is best for everyone.

You're in charge.

You enjoy using emotional blackmail as leverage. In an effort to motivate others, you can make threats to hurt yourself or leave. This is the epitome of toxicity.

You're a master at emotional blackmail.

You might get caught doing something incredibly awful. You engage in the game of assigning blame and avoiding responsibility rather than doing both.

You are not responsible.

When it comes to toxic people, passive aggression is a glaring neon flag. Never do you mean what you say or say what you mean. You are so two-faced that it's difficult for folks to know where they stand with you.

It's passive-aggressive of you.

Everything that goes wrong in your life is attributed to an outside influence. You never accept accountability for your deeds or learn from your past errors. Instead, you perceive yourself as the victim of life's injustices.

You don't accept accountability.

A listening ear is close to a running mouth, as they say, so chances are that individual has experienced the wrath of a poisonous person.

Speaking behind people's backs is you.

Because they have no loyalty to anyone, toxic people won't hesitate to tell anyone their secrets, no matter how harmful it may be.

With toxic people, you look for methods to profit from their suffering rather than genuinely caring about those who are suffering. Giving a homeless person a $1 may be documented on social media in exchange for likes.

You take advantage of people's weakness.

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