Signs You're Dating A Pick-Up Artist

Yes, that's the term for the "move" in PU parlance; he throws you off-balance by luring you in one day and shoving you out the next. It might be a complete hit and keep you interested.

1. He uses "push-pull" manoeuvres.

I'm only restating PU theory. which asserts that women crave these emotional highs and lows.

2. He sends you on an emotional whirlwind.

According to PU theory, you would already be tired of him if he were just a decent guy who liked you as much as you like him. Therefore, he doesn't treat you well.

He is maintaining the woman's status as an FWB by adhering to the PUA procedure (stays distant, to begin with, and he backs WAY off when you push for more)

3. If you'll pardon the crudeness, he has positioned you as a f*** friend

You are most likely one of the numerous women in his life, according to this lead. Only when there is plenty of sex in their life do guys behave this way. To him, you are merely a number.

You push him further away with each request YOU make for more time, attention, etc. He doesn't desire a partner who seems overly possessive.

4. He backs out of the commitment

Standard PUA moves include cooking for you at home, inviting you over for a movie, only hanging out with you if you're DTF, and only texting or calling to set up logistics.

5. He exclusively associates with you for low-risk, high-reward activities.

So there you go. Although he may like you, he prefers his independence and his many lovers.

Because he doesn't need to give you more than this to meet his needs, you won't likely get more from him than this. Now it's up to you to decide if you want this as a partner or if you require something else.

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