Signs You're With A Good Man

I can't tell you how many women I've talked to who said that their relationship lacked affection. They don't feel loved, wanted, or appreciated by the men in their lives.

He makes sure you always know how much he cares for you.

The fact that a good man would constantly remind you of how much you mean to him is an incredibly crucial component of the puzzle.

I acknowledge that men can be less expressive or affectionate than women, but this does not justify our generation's abject indifference. You will be able to tell and feel if someone is truly in love with you. If they don't, you'll constantly be wondering if they do.

A decent man will always support you and what you want out of life, whether it's starting a singing career, staying at home to raise a family, or returning to school after 20 years to acquire your Master's degree.

He is always behind you.

He won't ever let you feel defeated or like you can't accomplish your goals. He will be by your side the entire time, celebrating your triumphs and consoling you when you lose.

Supporting you only goes so far; it can also come off as more passive. It takes work to inspire someone, both in terms of how one lives their own life and how one inspires others to live theirs.

He motivates you.

As he pursues his own passions, a decent man will inspire you with his energy and ambition.

Good men want you to feel secure and at ease in your relationship. He will understand that trusting someone is the basic foundation of this.

He tries to win your confidence.

Love and respect have no foundation without trust. He will see that trust must first be won and then maintained; it cannot just be given to someone.

He will recognise that flattering you requires more than merely saying such things. It will include truly elevating your sense of beauty.

You always feel attractive around him.

in the ways he treats you, looks at you, and feels about you. When you make an effort to look well, he will notice the little things and tell you how gorgeous you are even when you don't.

A good man will get that when you love someone for who they genuinely are, everything about them becomes beautiful, whether you are sitting on the couch in your sweatpants or wearing an evening gown to a gala.

I've always maintained that telling a man she feels safe around him is among the nicest compliments a woman can pay him.

You feel secure around him.

No matter how witty you are, how attractive you are, or how wealthy you are, if a lady can't sleep comfortably at your side at night, none of the other factors matter.

If you have to stay late at work, do you need to fill a prescription? Did you tell him about a local art display and he arranged to take you to see it?

He makes few efforts.

He will realise that despite how insignificant some things may seem, they are actually what matter the most.

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