Taco Bell Adds a Big Menu Surprise

Taco Bell never gets stale. Last year, it offered chicken wings for a week and brought back several Nacho Fries flavours.

In the chain's second-quarter earnings call, CEO David Gibbs said frequent menu changes are key.

Taco Bell remains a cultural leader, successfully executing on its strategy to inspire and enable the world to live mass through innovative marketing campaigns, buzzworthy brand news

Taco Bell maintained restaurant margins by leveraging its pricing power for premium products and

craveable LTOs while still providing consumers with everyday value through a broad range of price points, such as those on the cravings value menu.

Demand for the Mexican Pizza was seven times previous levels, reaching over 20 million pizzas sold nationwide, with some stores selling out within a week

The year's biggest hit was Mexican pizza.In the fall, Taco Bell brought the returning item back "for good."

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