The best dogs for new owners

One of the most well-known and well-recognized medium-large dog breeds is the Labrador retriever. Labs are good with children and adapt well to most surroundings.

Labrador Retriever

They are extremely affectionate and devoted dogs that develop strong ties with their families. This breed is energetic, fun-loving, and sharp. They flourish in busy homes that can give them lots of exercise and training.

Labs adore fetching, running, and cuddling. They are highly trainable and have a love of learning. Fortunately, they only require minimal grooming, such as routine brushing to reduce shedding.

The Maltese's endearing appearance and amiable disposition are difficult to resist. These dogs have lovely silky coats that, if untrimmed, would cascade to the ground. However, regular trims can maintain their coats short and manageable.


They don't shed much despite having so much fur, but they should be groomed every day. The Maltese is an extremely friendly and cheerful breed that doesn't need a lot of activity and is pleased to lounge on your lap.

It's crucial to keep mixed-breed dogs in mind while choosing the ideal breed for you. These distinctive canines may be wonderful friends. Visit your neighbourhood shelter or rescue organisation to meet some gorgeous mutts if you are unsure of which breed is best for you.

Mixed Breed Dogs

Rescuers can pair you with a dog that possesses the qualities you're looking for. All dogs require training, playtime, and grooming, but a mixed-breed dog's requirements will vary depending on its particular genetic makeup.

Don't be fooled by this dog's small stature. This cheerful, sociable, and versatile dog breed can thrive in a range of homes. Children get along with the papillon, but they have to be gentle.


The papillon is a tough little dog that prefers a moderately active existence. This adorable multi-tasker is a great lap dog and fitness buddy.

The papillon does not require much activity, although it does enjoy playing and running around. The breed simply needs light grooming and is simple to train.

A delicate and affectionate tiny lap dog, the Pomeranian. Even while the Pom can thrive in households, it frequently bonds most closely with a single owner. This breed can adapt to a variety of situations but does best with gentle older children.


In most cases, daily, simple activity is sufficient to keep your Pom content. To set boundaries and create structure, they require fundamental training. Without training, the breed's independent and belligerent side could show.

Fortunately, they take to constant, encouraging training well and will prosper as a result. This dog has a thick, fluffy coat and is intelligent and moderately energetic. Fortunately, its coat requires less upkeep than it does. Most of the time, all your Pom needs to maintain its excellent looks is a regular brushing.

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