The best pet for your zodiac sign

You need an active pet as an Aries. Like a ferret, you probably can't sit still!

Aries - Ferret

Taureans are very laid-back. A cuddly, low-maintenance hamster is a good choice because they like love.

Taurus - Hamster

Chatty Parrots are Geminis' animal allies. An African Gray can keep a Gemini company all day.

Gemini - Parrot

Cancers are nurturing but sometimes spiky. A rescue hedgehog in need of love may be the perfect Cancer companion.

Cancer - Hedgehog

Excellently loud Leos and chickens don't like to blend in! Even the most attention-seeking Leo can't compete with a pet chicken for noise.

Leo - Chicken

These gentle dogs and Virgos need routine and structure. Unlike some dog breeds, they won't shed fur all over Virgos' homes.

Virgo - Greyhound

Rabbit Libra Libras enjoy beauty and love. A cute, cuddly rabbit could be the perfect pet.

Libra - Rabbit

Scorpios don't scare easily, but a pet snake isn't for everyone. Scorpios may like snakes' eerie allure.

Scorpio - Snake

Horse Free-spirited Sagittarians love adventures, and a horse could be the perfect companion.

Sagittarius - Horse

Hard-working Capricorns may work long hours, so a needy pet isn't ideal. Guinea pigs can play alone all day and be ready for cuddles when you get home.

Capricorn - Guinea pig

Aquarians are quirky and love thinking space. A lizard is a unique pet that won't bother you.

Aquarius - Lizard

Fish and Pisceans are natural allies. They trust their instincts and go with the flow.

Pisces - Fish

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