The Cockatoo's Sweet Reaction to Mom Using "Mister" Is Too Cute

Cockatoos bathe, right? Or any bird? Do you imagine birds bathing as cartoons singing and splashing? LOL! Those cartoons aren't too far off.

TikTok user @parrotfreek posted a video of her bathing her birds. She mists her birds with a spray bottle, and their reactions are priceless. See!

Quit! It's too cute. Dancing, they were excited to get misted. Ever seen a pet so happy to get a bath?

“Oh yeeaahhhhh,” said @mleiing. SAME! It was supposed to look like when we bathe our dogs. However, it was the opposite.

They grooved to that mister! The happiest birds in the land. @aviaamber said, "He's like, 'Mom, don't forget the back of my neck.'

If bathing our pets were this easy, fun, and cute, we'd do it every day. LOL! “Caution: do not try with cats,” warned @heyxhevsuwvs. 

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