The Prettiest Zodiac Signs

1) PiscesWhat is the prettiest zodiac sign? - It's Pisces
The Pisces sign is undeniably the most attractive, with their luxurious hair and well groomed brows.

2) Leo
Leo is an intense beautyWith the perfect button nose, breathtaking eyes, and a gorgeous complexion, Leo is a real beauty. 

3) Libra
Libra has a delicate beautyTheir perfect oval face and round forehead make this sign drop-dead gorgeous.

4) Sagittarius
Sagittarius boasts an unusual beautySagittarius’ generosity and love for adventure shine through and make them completely breathtaking.

5) Gemini
Gemini has a vibrant beautyWith a delicate doll-like oval-shaped face, Gemini is very angelic. 

6) Virgo
Virgo is an icy beautyWith their thin lips and charming, yet inquisitive look, Virgo is a natural heartbreaker. 

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