The World's Oldest Mom Had Twins at 70 and Struggled.

Omkari Singh, the world's oldest mother, gave birth to twins at 70.

Despite having 2 daughters and 5 grandsons, the Northern Indian mother and her husband wanted a son to inherit their tiny possessions.

Omkari's retired farmer husband mortgaged his land, sold his buffaloes, and spent his life savings to finance 350,000 INR for IVF.

Omkari, 70, became pregnant after the couple's efforts. Gynecologist Nisha Malik was astonished when the old lady told her she was pregnant.

However, Omkari's work proved difficult. She was bleeding, in pain, and barely aware when she was brought to me. Gynecologist said

“We ordered blood to start a surgery, but happily, the woman and her children survived.”

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