The Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Go All-In on Their Relationships

Angel Water signs are "extremely loyal," according to WikiHow astrologer Eyedealism.

Empathetic Cancer

Cancers never "think of cheating on a spouse or betraying a friend" because of their empathy and capacity to comprehend how others would feel

Scorpios are vilified for several reasons. According to AstroSage, they're considered the fire sign of water signs for their ferocity and intensity,

Passionate Scorpio

but that might backfire if they don't like you. "Scorpio is the one person you can always trust on through thick and thin

Virgos are rational and goal-oriented, so cheating or establishing a relationship with someone who won't be their One and Only is rare

Trustworthy Virgo

Virgos can put their spouses' feelings before their own because of their logic, which can be a drawback

Another earth sign, Capricorn, is committed to their connection. Caps "would take drastic means to stay loyal," according to Astrotalk.

Capricorn loyalty

Instead of splitting up and ruining their futures, they'd rather do anything to keep their partnership alive.

"If an Aries feels you to be the one for them, they will battle to keep you in their life,"

Brave Aries

"They'll do everything to keep their relationship pleasant." Aries may not want to split up, but if you're with one, know that they don't want to. 

Finally, Taurus is one of the most faithful signs. It's fitting that all three earth signs are on this list

Taurus dependable

Taurus is the "perfect romantic sign," according to Pinkvilla, and if they find someone who meets all their demands and sees them as important as they view them, they'll stay "for all time." 

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