These Zodiac Signs Are Ghosting You.

You might think Aquarius or Gemini would leave you on read and roll out. However, fiery, bullheaded Aries is best for ghosting.

The ram is a romantic bull in a china shop. They arrive quickly and leave a mess. Rebelling against commitment is typical of Aries

The sign's fiery impulsivity can cause them to walk away in a moment of intense emotion and never look back.

See if the Aries theme fits your potentials' signs. If so, give the stubborn ram a break

If not, you may find another astrological pattern to help you.

Astrotalk warns Aries that Aries-on-Aries selfishness may affect them. Two rams squaring off will always be ghosted.

Aries is the sign most likely to ghost you, but others do too. Remember those Aquarius/Gemini suspicions? Totally justified.

Gemini, the twins, have trouble choosing a partner or personality. 

This airy sign only shows up for parties. After the fun ends and things get serious, you'll likely be ghosted.

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