Things: Women Want Most In A Man

This one may seem obvious, but you'd be astonished at how many men let their composure and self-assurance go when speaking to women.

Confident men are desired by women.

Women like a self-assured man who can hold a conversation and maintain their interest. Women will be drawn to you if you have self-confidence, are aware of your goals in life, and are comfortable with who you are.

You must realise that there is a distinction between being self-assured and having egotistical tendencies. Women don't want you to become obtrusive; they want you to be at ease with who you are as a person.

Has a woman ever rejected you because there wasn't spark between you two? This is something that you must think about very carefully. Women like guys for their appeal, not because of their wealth or appearance.

Women wants chemistry.

The first level of a woman's emotional and sexual attraction to you will determine how much she will be pulled to you. They become interested in you and want you because of this.

Your ability to keep her engaged, how in-depth your conversation is, and how energised you make her feel while conversing will all play a role. Women want their guys to develop genuine relationships with them that go deeper.

Are you a pathetic sap? Do you frequently experience depression and negativity? Are you a vampire of energy? If you can't adopt an optimistic outlook, you can forget about luring ladies.

Women want positive men.

Women are drawn to males who can make them happy and confident in themselves. Making her smile will come effortlessly to you when you are upbeat and frequently grin.

She will quickly become addicted to your positivity if you share the good thoughts and experiences you have during the day.

No, you don't have to be a prince or a smooth talker to be charming. Women want a man to be appealing and likeable, though it does help. And for that, creativity and distinctiveness are what you really need—not swag.

Women want charming men.

Being authentic is key to being charming. Talk about your aspirations, interests, and areas of genuine concern. This is the trick to winning her over.

Have you attempted a relationship with a reclusive woman? Women experience this exactly when they date a man who enjoys being in a position of power and hides his sensitive side from them.

Women want open men.

Being curious about one another makes it feasible for some of this vulnerability. Hawkins claims, "Take an interest in your companion.

It diffuses tense situations and fosters a level of delight in the relationship that is beyond your wildest dreams when you actually want to know what they are going through, what upsets them, or what makes them happy.

Consider your companion as a new adventure! She will perceive you as a confident individual when you are open to sharing your emotional and sensitive side with her. She will then feel at ease around you as a result.

She will feel more connected to you and be able to open up herself as you open your heart.

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