This Woman Slowly Removes Her Giant Sugar Skull Face Tattoo

As a heavily inked person like me, friends and relatives may warn you that you may regret some tattoos. Particularly face tattoos, which are job-stoppers. 

Tattoo lover Alyz learned that her unusual and large facial tattoo, which resembles a sugar skull, may not be good, so she erased it. Look.

This appearance may have worked for Rick Genest, better known as Zombie Boy, but it's a "career stopper" for most others.

I understand her decision-making because I'm impulsive. She also stated that she dated a horrible guy during a difficult moment.

After getting sober, Alyz wants to alter her life, and TikTok users showed compassion in the comments.

"Curious the story time? Do you do your eyes as well??? Seems like all of it hurts I'm sorry."

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