Thursday and Friday, McDonald's sells 50-cent double cheeseburgers.

McDonald's latest deal allows customers get a double cheeseburger for 50 cents.

Double cheeseburgers typically cost $2.89. If you order through the fast food chain's app and pick up,

Through Dec. 25, McDonald's SZN of Sharing campaign offers the bargain. Each app order increases your chances of winning a McDonald's for Life reward, 

which gives the recipient two free meals per week for 50 years. By joining MyMcDonald's Rewards, you can enter without buying on the app. 

If you can't wait for Thursday and Friday's double cheeseburger bargain, Wednesday's buy one, get one Big Mac deal will satisfy your McDonald's hunger.

A $four lunch (Dec. 10-11) has a McDouble or McChicken, four-piece McNuggets, tiny fries, and a medium drink, while a $12.50 Burger Bundle

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