TikTok's Cake Mix Cookie Recipe Hack Is Going Viral.

A TikTok baking technique will transform how you make desserts. A box of cake mix and two extra ingredients bind the dry ingredients in this popular TikTok cookie recipe.

If you're torn between baking a rich cake or soft cookies, or if you only have cake mix, continue on. TikTok's Cake Mix Cookies recipe is easy.

These cookies are delicious and quick to make

After mixing just three ingredients, the dough bakes in the oven for 10 minutes, filling the house with bakery smells, and the cookies are ready to eat once cooled.

Soft, fluffy, cake-batter-flavored cookies may rival Crumbl Cookies. The best thing is that you can use any cake mix you like for the cookie dough (for $5).

From yellow cake mix to red velvet, Funfetti, lemon, carrot, devil's food, and strawberry, the options are eternally delectable.

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