Tiny Chihuahua Everyone's heart is being stolen by "Waiting for a Kiss."

If you were looking for your daily dose of serotonin, we have it for you in the form of @Zucchinichi's cute Chihuahua puppy who just wants a kiss from mom. 

Zucchini is a long-haired Blue Mere, and he is just too darn cute.

He's so patiently waiting for his kiss, and it's clear that he already feels very close to his owner. Look at this cute baby and get ready to say "awwwwww."

He is just too precious! People on TikTok love this cute Blue Merle Chihuahua, and even those who don't usually like the breed are falling in love with him

@Natanis writes, "I usually don't like chihuahuas, but this one is so freaking cute!" @T comments, "Chihuahuas are just like other kinds of dogs

Nothing beats a little puppy! If they're all as cute as this one, we wish we could have them all.

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