Tiny dog jumps into carved pumpkin and calls it home

Huxley, a 5-pound Pomeranian, loves life."He's the most gregarious, active, joyous little child I've ever met," his mom told The Dodo.

When not socialising, Huxley and his family prefer playing at home. The dog loves puzzle toys and tennis balls, but Chen wanted to try something different

 Then she got a Huxley-sized pumpkin and carved it for him.When Chen brought Huxley the pumpkin home, she wasn't sure how he'd respond

Halloween was in full swing, and she hoped he'd tolerate it enough to take a photo.Chen cut a huge hole in the pumpkin's top and removed the gunk.

She tilted the empty pumpkin at Huxley, thinking he'd want a smell. But his reaction stunned her.

Without a second thought, Huxley curled up in the pumpkin. He studied the pumpkin for a second before recognising it was edible and tasty.

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