Tips to successfully introduce your dog to your new baby

You're about to have a new baby, possibly your first. You've purchased a bassinet, glider, changing table, baby clothes, and everything else. What about your dog, though?

Especially for first-time parents, welcoming a new kid into your home is a lovely and exciting time.

New parents may forget about an existing family member—their dog—as they anticipate all the joy and happiness that is still to come.

It doesn't have to be challenging to introduce your new child to your dog. Making sure you take care of any current canine behaviour issues is the first step, especially if they could have an effect on the newborn.

When you need to concentrate on the new infant, behaviours like possessiveness, leaping up, excessive barking (no one likes it when a dog wakes a sleeping newborn), hostility, stealing things, etc., can become much more problematic.

Contact a dog trainer or behaviour consultant who uses a positive approach if your dog exhibits any of these symptoms.

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