US Man's "Intuition" Wins Rs 19 Cr Lottery

Massachusetts man wins Rs 19 crore lottery. He bought six identical lottery tickets for a single drawing and won Rs 1.24 crore a year for life, totaling Rs 19 crore.

According to UPI, Raymond Roberts Sr. believes his "intuition" led him to buy multiple tickets with the same numbers for Fall River's December 14 Lucky for Life drawing.

Roberts bought six tickets. He deliberately chose the numbers based on his "intuition." Robert only used his birthdays and anniversaries.

On the final drawing, Roberts won $25,000 a year for life six times

The special win totaled Rs 19.35 crore, of which he took Rs 16 crore as a lump sum.

Roberts chose one of the six prizes as an annuity of 1.24 crore a year for life to buy a new motorcycle.

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