‘Very sad and depressed’ cat, is adopted after viral fame

A New Jersey animal shelter described the 5-year-old cat as "extremely sad and dejected" and said he was looking for a home.

A Maryland couple drove to pick up the "big cheeky boy" at the shelter this weekend in response to the call-out that went viral, presumably due to Fishtopher's distinctly dissatisfied expression.

Since a Twitter post with a screenshot of the allegedly angry cat's online adoption profile was published on Thanksgiving Day and received more than 169,000 likes, internet fans have been closely following Fishtopher's journey.

The domestic shorthair and Bengal mix, Fishtopher, was characterised as a "lovely, easy-going, laid-back boy" by the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, but they added that he was "out of sorts in the shelter."

He appeared to be "missing his family" and would only eat when there was company.

His escapades are being posted online by Fishtopher's new family. The cat, also known as "fishy," "mister fishster," and "bubby," according to a tweet from his new owners,

More than 50,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram put together, with devoted followers dubbing him a "floofy stripy catboi" and "silly cheek-man."

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