Video of Cat Getting Used to New Harness Is Cracking Us Up

Cats are being spotted outside more and more frequently. They are undoubtedly spending more time outside the house, whether it be for backyard exploration, hiking, or simply going for vehicle drives.

Fortunately, there are many cat harnesses available, so you can make sure your pet, no matter how big or small, joins the experience.

A TikTok user made the decision to get a harness for her Sphynx cat so that he can ride in the car and enjoy his favourite cat cup.

With a new name for cats, it's just like a pup cup! However, he needs to become used to the harness in order to achieve this, and his reaction is making us laugh.

LMAO! Watching this clip, we can't quit giggling. Anyone who has ever attempted to harness a cat knows how difficult it can be. It is true! And it's true that cats will act out dramatically in response to the harnesses. HA!

He was acting as though he was unable to walk. Someone please shout "drarama king"!" He went to Kitty to express his sorrow,"

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