What dog has the longest tongue in the world?

While panting, it's rather common to observe dogs sticking out their tongues, albeit some have longer tongues than others.

How long is this well-known licker, what dog has the world's longest tongue, and what more should you know?

Dogs vary in how long their lickers are. Who has the longest one, though? In terms of breeds and specific individuals, there are a few competitors for the title of longest dog tongue in the world.

But how long is a dog's tongue, and does it bother the adorable puppy in any way?

There is no escaping Brandy, a Michigan-born boxer. Brandy was a really outstanding licker, and her tongue is the longest dog tongue that Guinness World Records has ever measured.

Even now, Brandy continues to outperform all other four-legged, long-tongued buddies. She even appeared on the late Larry King's show. However, Brandy tragically went unexpectedly on September 8, 2002, at the age of only seven, from a terrible stomach condition.

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