What Lip Biting Really Means

Since it doesn't hurt, you may not realise you're biting your lips. This usually applies to nervous lip biting.

Chronic lip-biting can be a body-focused repetitive behaviour caused by anxiety. This repetitive self-grooming habit is compulsive. BFRBs include nail biting, skin picking, and hair pulling.

When you're overwhelmed or stressed, anxiety can cause nail biting. To overcome the compulsion, first recognise it and then try to stop.

Lip biting can be prevented by physical means. To distract yourself, chew gum and take a walk.

Lip biting can cause long-term redness, lip sores, and cracked and bleeding lips, which can lead to infection

Seek an anxiety disorder counsellor. Deep stomach breathing, called diaphragmatic breathing, is effective

If you've tried to stop biting your lips on your own but failed, seek help.

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