Which states buy the most lottery tickets and scratch-offs?

Massachusetts residents are most eager to buy scratch-offs and lottery tickets.LendingTree's study found that lottery players in certain states spend and lose the most money per capita.

Based on lottery data from the 2020 Annual Survey of State Government Finance, Massachusetts residents spent $805.30 cents per capita on lottery and scratch-off tickets. 

According to the study, New Yorkers spent the second-most on lottery tickets per capita at $455.93.

Rhode Islanders, Georgians, and Michiganders rounded out the top five, spending $429.88, $429.51, and $408.51 per capita in 2020.

According to LendingTree's study, these ten states spent the most on lottery tickets in 2020. LendingTree.com lists all rankings.

The study found that Bay Staters spent $10.26 per $1,000 of income on lottery tickets in 2020.

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