It's not unusual to associate horoscopes with drama; everyone wants to know what's supposed to happen any day now and just how much they should be worried or excited about it. 

But the more laid-back folks among us may not even be checking. They're so chill, they'll just wait and see and then go with the flow. Just who are these cool cucumbers and what's the source of their refreshing lack of angst and agita?

According to astrologers, these are the six calmest zodiac signs, from mildly mellow to seriously serene. Read on to see who's best at keeping calm and carrying on.

Earth sign Taurus is notoriously chill. They have a reputation for being stubborn and laid-back, even a little bit lazy. On the flip side of those traits, though, are an earthy sensuality and the need to think things through.

They also fare best in relaxed surroundings. "Taurus, more so than any other sign, demands that you leave your problems on the doorstep because they do not want any problems infringing on their comfortable routine," adds Barretta.

Sagittarius, the zodiac's final fire sign, possesses a profound curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and desire to see things in a greater context. 

They're also a mutable sign, which is associated with flexibility and adaptability. This makes them the most optimistic zodiac sign, with an ability to not take things too seriously.

"Sagittarians understand the big picture and that's why they enjoy just relaxing and keeping calm," explains Leah Goldberg, astrology content writer and editor at Svana. 

"They try to stay out of the way of people who gossip or cause drama, making their lives as stress-free and calm as possible."

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