Why 'Complicated Women' Attract The Best Men

A woman is complicated for a good reason—so that the one man who can truly love, admire, and appreciate her may be distinguished from the lustful, needy, and desperate guys.

What men regard to as "playing games" is really a woman testing a man without realising it. She is doing it while not even being aware that she is since it is so unconscious.

These trials are chances for a guy to start proving that he's "The One," the one who will protect her, cherish her, and be faithfully committed to her and only her. He will be committed to her above all others.

A couple is on their way to the movies. While the movie was on, it started to snow lightly. It is now late. They arrived in several cars, parked them on different sides of the parking lot, and are now preparing to continue their evening at a restaurant.

He offers to escort her to her car when they learn they are parked on different sides of the parking lot.

She claims: "No, it's alright. On the other side of the parking lot, you are parked. In a few minutes, I'll meet you at the restaurant."

He hugs her and walks over to his car after hearing, "I appreciate you being gentleman enough to offer, but I'm good."

He recently failed the exam. Ironically, she might not even be aware that she's given him the chance to prove if he's the kind of man she wants to stand up for her.

It would have been more appropriate to say, "It's no trouble, and you're wearing heels in this snow," instead. I'm glad to go beside you. I'll get you to your vehicle, then we can turn around and pick up mine after that. Additionally, as you warm up your automobile, you'll need someone to sweep the snow off of it.

They would have had the chance to make some physical delicacy while they strolled arm in arm, and he would have demonstrated his gentlemanly nature.

She is starting to let go of the unconscious locks she has around "Am I going to give this guy access to my mind, body, and soul?"

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