Why Do Guys Stare? 

When it comes to staring, most men feel entitled. They think it's their right to check out every woman. It doesn't matter how the woman moves.

They Are Born To Stare

Some guys like to hang out with lots of other guys to leer at women passing by. They're likely bored. 

They Have Nothing Better To Do

Even if the woman is with another man, they will stare. They'll probably be more discreet, especially if they respect her companion's manliness.

They Want Her For Their Own

Guys say they stare at girls because they don't understand what they're wearing. These men say they're just accepting girly fashion

They’re Trying To Understand Her Fashion

Some guys also claim that they're staring because the girl has shown through her clothes, hair, make-up, body language, and eyes that she wants men to stare at her.

They Think She Wanted Them To Stare

Women are sexual, sensual, innocent, and primal submissives in our culture, media, history, and upbringing.

They Are Programmed That Way

Men may stare because they're looking for a life partner. While on the market, they may admire others

They Are Looking For A Partner

Women are commodities to some men. They believe it's their right as consumers to inspect the item they're sampling.

Women Are Objects to Them

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