Why Gin May Be the Best Blood-Boosting Liquor

Aviation. French75. Negroni. Gin and tonic. Gin—the clear, herbaceous, kind-of-tastes-like-a-Christmas-tree liquor—stars in many classic and classy cocktails.

However, gin—whether premium or budget—may offer more than balanced and refreshing drinking.

It's well known that alcohol is bad for the liver and can cause many diseases and health problems. Thus, no alcohol is healthy.

However, some spirits are healthier than others and can even be beneficial when consumed in moderation.

Juniper berries, like other plants and fruits, contain flavonoids. According to the Evening Standard, flavonoids improve blood circulation, especially as you age, which can extend life

Good blood circulation, which brings our cells what they need and removes what they don't, is essential to our health and body function.

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