Wife Forgets Wedding Ring, Husband Reacts Hilariously

How can one "lose" their wedding ring? If you've never been married, you may not know that many people don't always wear their ring.

In this TikTok clip from @rachelelizabth2017, one couple laughs after she forgets her wedding ring while out to dinner with her spouse.

Laughable! This guy laughs when he sees his wife without her wedding ring, unlike some husbands.

It's shocking how many viewers find this humorous. Some joke about not finding a ring. 

"Sometimes he will kiss me in public and go “you're the best sister ever," says @bonniekay37. Haha! That one must catch some attention!

@emj 97 adds, "When my hubby annoys me, I play mistress. “So where does your wife believe you're at?” he asks, uncomfortably. 

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