Winter Jeep off-roading destinations in the US


Explore the US's beautiful countryside. Embrace the cold and trek through stunning winter forests or deserts for an unforgettable experience

Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Explore Buffalo, Greybull, and Sheridan trails in your Jeep through the Bighorn Mountains. Easy roads to four-wheel-drive terrain are available.

Always check the weather and trail conditions before heading out. Bring a GPS and map, and don't expect cell service.

You can drive on authorised trails around Yellowstone National Park, but you can't off-road. Visit West Yellowstone to see its famous sights.

West Yellowstone, Montana

For a safe and comfortable winter trail ride, modify your rig. To improve your Jeep's visibility, instal a grille with built-in lighting.

In winter, the Mojave National Preserve in California is one of the best places to off-road in a desert. 

Mojave National Preserve, California

In winter, the Mojave is cold or freezing. Prepare for remote areas and stick to approved trails.

It takes six to eight hours to drive the Cathedral Valley loop. In that time, you'll drive through open terrain with colourful cliffs and canyons.

Cathedral Valley, Utah

One of Utah's most scenic drives. See the Upper Cathedral Valley Overlook and Lower South Desert Overlook.

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