Woman's Reaction to 'Deviled Egg Cupcakes' Viral

Do you look up recipes on TikTok? You may not know a certain food, but you'll find it. If so, you're in luck with your TikTok food search.

TikTok user @north omaha cat lady tried Deviled Egg Cupcakes. The recipe didn't go down well with her. We're laughing so hard.

The Deviled Egg Cupcakes threw us off. How did we never try pairing these meals before? We like cupcakes. 

But deviled eggs go fast when we make them. We think it's a win-win. We all laughed at @north omaha cat lady's facial expressions.

It was like she got one of her deepest wishes. We can't blame her; Deviled Egg Cupcakes sound good.

How did TikTok users react to this recipe? @Troy Arsenian joked, "Aren't we talking about how he filled the piping bag?"

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