World's Oldest Living Cat: Almost 125 Years Old

According to Guinness World Records, a London rescue cat who will shortly age 27 has just been named the oldest cat in the world.

Our technique indicates that Flossie will shortly turn 125 years old if she were a person. Even though the British cat has lost most of her sight and hearing, she still enjoys eating and cuddling with her favourite blanket (also same).

Vicki Green, her owner, told Guinness, "If I'm in such terrific form when I'm her age with someone who does what's best for me when I need it most, I shall be a very happy person."

The tallest living dog in the world consumes 12 cups of food each day is a great dane.

The start of Flossie's fast-paced tale must be traced all the way back to 1995.

When a staff member at the hospital took her in, she was a feral cat living in a colony outside the building. She spent ten years with that owner when her caretaker passed away.

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