Yearender 2022: 5 Strange Makeup Trends

Do you realise that the faux puffy eye fad aims to make people's eyes look sleep-deprived or black-circled? Internet users worldwide are appalled

Fake Puffy Eyes Trend:

Are you tired of this fad, even though some people like it and use it to look cool?

Fake tans are popular because they look overdone, irritated, and arrogant.

Excessive Tan:

Sunscreen is essential to skincare. Sunscreen prevents skin damage in any weather. Some went too far.

Sunscreen contouring: 

One Tiktok user used sunscreen on some areas and let the sun shape others. Damage is permanent and can harm your skin.

Eye implants are a popular Dutch trend. A novel method allows eyeball piercing. These are advertised as risk-free and less unpleasant, but they are just a fad that will fade and return.

Implanted Eyes:

High-quality, cry-proof makeup is essential because tears don't wait for the perfect moment.

Cry Makeup:

You can handle unexpected life curveballs without makeup running down your face and turning you into a zombie.

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