You become entangled in negative interactional patterns.

You must constantly be on guard to avoid engaging in enabling actions of your own. What do those mean? Denial is a term used to describe doing what someone else wants us to do in order to make them happy, maintain peace, or join them in acting as if there is no issue.

It entails providing justification for inappropriate behaviour or assuming responsibility for another person's actions.

Enablers lack healthy boundaries, have a weak sense of their own worth, trust too readily, and—most importantly—seek approval from others through their actions.

They believe that if others join them in their denial, the dysfunctional person would like them more. At that point, "difficult" becomes hazardous. If you don't take action, you contribute to the issue.

It may sound harsh, but there is a chance for violence. Use the incorrect word. Observe them from an angle. Inquire about their actions. Indicate that they might be flawed. Deliver their dinner late.

Respond to them in kind. Call for equality. All of these situations have the potential to escalate into violence, which may manifest as a barrage of accusations, humiliating remarks, withholding of affection, or physical or sexual abuse.

Before things get out of hand, take initiative and contribute to the solution. Always keep in mind that it is sometimes wise to adore challenging and dangerous people from a safe distance.

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