Your Dream "Glass Skin" Beauty Routine

"Glass skin" is a clear, hydrated, supple complexion that reflects like glass. K-pop stars, celebrities, and regular people in Korea all seem to be lit from within and,

Have virtually pore-less facial skin, which popularised the term on social media several years ago.

"Glass skin is so healthy, there's a luminosity, smoothness, and clarity to it," says Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon, who helped popularise the trend on social media.

What Exactly Is Glass Skin?

As skin becomes healthier, it will have a hydrated, luminous glow from within and increasing clarity and smoothness.

Now that you know how to get glassy skin, let's talk about the skincare steps and products that can help. Yoon says she believes in holistic skincare. 

Learn the Secrets to Glowing Skin.

“Healthy skincare looks different for everyone, but there are some basic building blocks to get right—and then it's about layering in specific treatments that target tailored needs.”

Jaroz recommends cream blushes, highlighters, and liquid foundations for glass-inspired makeup.

Glass Skin's Best Makeup

If you want your skin to look healthy with some help from makeup and colour cosmetics, make sure you warm them first by your fingers ,,

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