Zodiac Signs That Always Need to Be In a Relationship

Given that Gemini is one of the most sociable signs ever, it is obvious that they would feel lonely if they were living alone. Just picture them without one another.


Even when they are surrounded by many friends, they can still experience some happiness. However, consider the amount of attention a spouse could provide that a friend cannot.

Being in a relationship gives Gemini the security of having someone to turn to when they start to feel lonely. Even so, having a spouse gives you someone to talk to all day if you so choose.

Gemini can talk about everything because they have such a wide range of conversational topics at their disposal. This sign is capable of being single, but it might not be their first option. They can handle being alone and feel fine if they have lots of friends or go out on dates frequently.

Leo enjoys being in a relationship. Why? They require affirmation and care. So, are they going to get that by complimenting themselves in the mirror? Instead, they'll desire that energy from the outside to make them glow like the sun.


This kind of attention-seeking validation is what Leos crave. In general, Leos like to have a large circle of friends and a partner, especially if that person chose them based on more than just their appearance. 

They dislike being single because being in a relationship allows them to receive many accolades.

Libras are sociable. Although they can appreciate their alone time, Libra can quickly fall into depression if left alone for an extended period of time. This is especially true for single Libras who enjoy social events and making lots of new friends.


Or they enjoy looking for potential partners since they are quite flirty. Simply put, despite their propensity for flirting, Libras need the adoration and affection that can only be found in a committed relationship.

Because of their melancholic nature, Capricorns occasionally just want to be by themselves. However, occasionally they become elated and crave social engagement, whether it be for a week or a few days. But they can also spend days by themselves, working away in their own little universe.


They still yearn for that intimacy, though, because being alone makes them feel lonely. Despite being socially awkward and hard workers, Capricorns love interacting with people who can further their careers or romantic relationships.

It's crucial for Capricorn to be in a committed relationship; picture them with a spouse who can be there for them and encourage them along the way, particularly if they share a similar line of work.

The sign of Aquarius enjoys relationships. This astute sign has a wealth of information and suggestions to impart, therefore their partner would be the ideal recipient.


They do appreciate some alone time, as do all signs, but they truly enjoy socialising, charity work, or relationships that allow them to improve the person they are with.

However, Aquarius is also one of the signs of the zodiac who are most confident in themselves, and sometimes that can be perceived as threatening. As a result, despite how much they adore being in a relationship, Aquarius is virtually always single.

Taurus requires company. They get so concerned with loneliness that they would feel better in a relationship.


Sure, they have goals and are driven to succeed, but when they are with someone, they feel as though they have a companion who can spend more time with them than a buddy can.

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